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SciBerg is a private research company located near the city of Heidelberg, a center of European bioinformatics and life sciences. We integrate a group of PhD-holding molecular biologists and bioinformaticians from the world's leading research institutions with profound wet-lab expertise and long experience with analysis of various high-throughput sequencing data. Some of our specialists have a proven record of prior developing the novel NGS library preparation methods as well as various data analysis pipelines. Besides providing commercial services, we participate in a number of fundamental and applied research projects. Our primary research interests are focused on developing advanced data analysis approaches for precision medicine and non-invasive diagnosis using extracellular nucleic acids in liquid biopsies.

Our Features

  • Validated Pipelines

Various strategies and workflows for the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data had been developed so far. We ensure that your data are processed with the most reliable and accurate algorithms. We apply predominantly open-source and only freely available software packages working under Unix/Linux and R/Bioconductor environments.

  • Customized Solutions

Most massively parallel sequencing projects require individual bioinformatics approaches rather than standard solutions. Frequently, such studies need substantial customization that may include preparation of custom reference databases, applying distinct parameters for the alignment and reads counting, specific methods for statistical analyses and efficient visualization strategies. Furthermore, depending on the outcome of the "default" analysis workflows, additional tasks deviating from the original plan may arise. Along with standard options, we offer fully customized bioinformatics services specifically tailored for your project.

  • Optimal Price-to-Quality

Outsourcing the data analysis services is almost always more cost-efficient than maintaining an in-house bioinformatics facility. By using our services, your expenses for the data analysis will constitute only a fraction out of total price incurred for the NGS library preparation and sequencing itself. Besides, we ensure that your NGS data analysis will be performed by a PhD-holding data scientist with a proven record of academic achievements and relevant experience.

  • Up-To-Date Software & Databases

The software used for the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data is continuously being updated and improved. At the same time, widely used bioinformatics pipelines may include outdated or even obsolete software packages and provide inaccurate results. We apply only up-to-date and highly reliable software as well as the most recent versions of reference genomes and transcriptomes.