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Bioinformatics Support

for Next Generation Sequencing


Ion Torrent


We offer comprehensive bioinformatics support for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) projects including DNA-seq (WGS, WES, AmpliSeq), RNA-seq (WTS, mRNA-seq, small RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq), Bisulfite-seq (WGBS, RRBS), ChIP-seq (Histones & TFs-bound DNA-seq, ATAC-seq), MeDIP-seq/DIP-seq and metagenomics. We apply both commonly used and in-house algorithms according to the best scientific standards for NGS data analysis. Our experts' network includes the main developers of several popular library preparation techniques for NGS as well as widely used data analysis packages.

  • Up-to-Date Software and Databases

  • Validated Data Analysis Pipelines

  • Highly Customized Approaches

  • Publication-Ready Figures

  • Fast Turnaround Time

  • Optimal Prices

NGS Data Analysis Services
NGS Data Analysis Services
Clinical Bioinformatics

NGS Data Analysis

  • Computational analyses of deep sequencing data with validated pipelines.
  • All popular platforms including Illumina, BGI/MGI and Ion Torrent.
  • Up-to-date and well-proven software and algorithms.
  • Data visualization and publication-ready figures.

Clinical Bioinformatics

  • Analysis of WGS, WES or panel sequencing data from tumor or liquid biopsies.
  • Identification of cancer driver genes and lists of "druggable" mutations.
  • Accordance with current international recommendations.
  • Innovative in-house developed pipelines.


We are glad to consider highly experienced bioinformaticians and molecular biologists for joining our experts' network. Please feel free to send us your CV by email to careers[at] We expect the following minimum requirements for a candidate to be considered:

  • PhD degree in biological or computational discipline from a well-recognized university.
  • Several years of research experience involving applied bioinformatics, genomics and computational work.
  • Profound knowledge of bioinformatics-related databases including Ensembl, UCSC, NCBI and GENCODE.
  • Understanding of current NGS data analysis pipelines and software packages. Awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Proficiency in Shell/Bash or Python scripting and statistical data analysis tools such as R/Bioconductor.
  • Experience in data visualization with R/Bioconductor or Python.