Advanced Bioinformatics Services



Experimental design for the projects involving NGS. After evaluating your research goals, we will suggest an optimal experimental strategy tailored for your task, including which platform/technique and consumables should be applied. In some cases, application of customized nucleic acids isolation and sample preparation methods might be recommended to achieve robust results. In this case, we will provide you with all the required protocols supplemented with the list of reliable suppliers for reagents. We can further advise which equipment and consumables would be required to install and implement NGS, microarrays or qPCR techniques in your laboratory, taking into account available resources. Our experimental design consulting services may include, but are not limited to, answering  the following questions:

  • Which biological material should be used?
  • How the samples should be collected?
  • Which RNA or DNA isolation techniques are suitable for your task?
  • What quality of the isolated RNA and DNA is acceptable for a given setup?
  • How many biological and technical replicates are required for statistically relevant and cost-effective setup?
  • Which NGS platform type be applied?
  • Which consumables and/or commercial kits are required for samples processing?
  • Which equipment and consumables are required to implement deep sequencing methods in a laboratory?


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