For any High-Throughput Sequencing project


We offer experimental design consulting for the projects involving next-generation sequencing. After evaluating your research goals, we will suggest an optimal experimental strategy tailored for your task, including which platform/technique and consumables should be applied. In some cases, application of customized nucleic acids isolation and sample preparation methods might be recommended to achieve robust results. In this case, we will provide you with all the required protocols supplemented with the list of reliable suppliers for reagents. We further advise which equipment and consumables would be required to install and implement an NGS technique in your laboratory, taking into account available resources.


DNA-seq | RNA-seq | ChIP-seq | BS-seq | Metagenomics


We offer computational analyses of next-generation sequencing data (Illumina, PacBio and Ion Torrent platforms). Our bioinformatics support can be fully customized for your research needs, the scope and objectives of the study. We apply only up-to-date well-proven software and pipelines working under Unix/Linux environment. Optionally, our experts can help to interpret the obtained results from the scientific point of view, provided some of them are working in a close research field.


Somatic mutations | Cancer driver genes | Precision oncology


We offer a comprehensive analysis of deep sequencing data (WGS, WES or panel sequencing) obtained from tumor biopsies samples with the ultimate goal to identify cancer driver genes as well as lists of druggable mutations. We apply both commonly used and in-house developed algorithms/software that incorporates only the most recent references/databases according to the current international recommendations.